Sarah Woodhouse Reflexologist and Relaxation Coach
Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

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Modern life can be a challenge for us all. From baby to child, teenager to adult; at each stage of our lives we encounter situations and conditions that we sometimes struggle to cope with on a physical, emotional and mental level.

I believe that by taking a more holistic approach to the way we live our lives, therapies like reflexology and relaxation coaching, whether used separately or together, can have a hugely positive and transformative effect on everyone, no matter what their age.

Reflexology and Relaxation Coaching

With Reflexology I use touch and massage to work on key points of the feet or hands, which in turn can exert a healing influence on areas of the mind and body that directly correspond to those points.

As a Relaxation Coach my focus is helping people understand what ‘happens’ when they experience stress, anxiety and tension, and to support and guide them in learning techniques that they can use to achieve a state of relaxation, including breathing techniques and visualisations.

I offer reflexology treatments and relaxation coaching session from my treatments room in Woolpit, which is easily accessible from the A14 and close to both Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket.

Reflexology: Potential Benefits

I have found that while people may come for reflexology treatments to me to seek support for a particular condition, all of them have one thing in common - they find that reflexology has given them the opportunity to just relax, to stop, to just be. There are, of course, many other potential benefits from a treatment including:

Easing back pain; helping with anxiety and stress ; depression; relief of sinus problems; easing the discomfort of pregnancy; aiding restful sleep; improving and maintaining positive health and well-being; as well as helping with a variety of childhood conditions and situations including teething, constipation and colic. I've also recently started treating clients with eating disorders and they are finding that Reflexology is really helping to support their conventional medical treatment.

“I love my reflexology treatments - they are a tonic for me. They make my million-miles-an-hour lifestyle very manageable and chilled... [and] allow me to touch base with myself and re-energise.” Louise, Thurston, nr. Bury St Edmunds

Relaxation Coaching: Potential Benefits

Stress, anxiety and tension affect people of all ages and can be extremely debilitating, affecting anyone from child to adult, causing both physical and mental/emotional symptoms including lack of sleep, mood swings, and aches and pains. This makes sense when you understand that the polar opposite, relaxation, is both a physical and mental state - it is being free of tension, anxiety and stress. As a Relaxation Coach I will often incorporate relaxation techniques as part of a reflexology treatment, but I can also work with you specifically on relaxation techniques in sessions tailored especially for you.

Treatments, Classes and Workshops

I offer a variety of treatments, classes and workshops both for individuals and groups. Please click on the relevant link for more information:

Reflexology treatments for babies, children and adults are available at my treatment room in Woolpit, close to Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket.

Relaxation Coaching

Reflexology classes for babies and children are currently held at my treatment room in Woolpit. I can also run a series of private sessions just for you - or why don’t you and your friends come together to hold a baby and child reflexology class in your own home?

"I have just finished my baby reflexology course... it was a brilliant thing to do and will be so beneficial to my family. I really feel confident In the techniques Sarah has taught me and will be able to follow this through with my other children too." Hayley, Elmswell, nr. Bury St Edmunds, March 2017

Workshops: I run workshops for individuals and groups focusing on relaxation, stress and anxiety, and exam stress and anxiety.

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