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Reiki. Reiki


Reiki is a beautifully relaxing therapy that many people use to support the emotional and spiritual elements of their health and well-being. While I may use Bowen or Reflexology to treat physical aches and pains, Reiki is ‘go to’ therapy, and my regular monthly sessions leave me with a deep sense of well-being, feeling re-balanced, refreshed, re-focussed, and ready to get up and face the world again.
Core to Reiki is the belief in universal energy, an energy that flows within us and around us all. In China this energy is called ‘chi’, in Japan ‘ki’ and in India ‘prana’. It is believed that when this energy becomes blocked or stagnant that our health and well-being is affected, and so we need to work on removing the blockage - and using Reiki is one way of doing this.

As a Reiki practitioner my role is to act as a conduit for that universal energy, to create a safe healing space for the energy to flow freely in and around you so that your body can bring itself back into balance. My role is not to cure, to diagnose, or to treat specific conditions or situations - trusting in the concept of universal energy means trusting that, when allowed to flow freely, it will always act for your higher good.

What happens during a Reiki treatment?

Fully clothed throughout, the treatment takes place on a large, comfortable treatment couch. Nothing else is expected of you. Reiki itself is a generally a hands-off therapy, although occasionally I may feel drawn to place my hands on the body, for example on the feet, shoulders, wrists or knees, but I will always ask your permission to prior to your treatment.

What will I feel?

Something, nothing! Reiki is not a ‘thing’ that you necessarily feel, although from my own experiences and that of my clients , many people do see colours, feel warmth, and all feel a sense of deep relaxation throughout.

How long does a treatment last?

Most treatments last around 45 minutes, but please allow at least one hour for your appointment - many people are so deeply relaxed that it can take a little time for them to feel able to move from the treatment couch.

How often do I need Reiki?

How long is a piece of string? Until you experience Reiki you probably won’t know how often you need Reiki - for many people once is all they need, for others it may be as and when they feel they need it, or it could even be for a few weekly sessions to get them through a particular time in their lives. There is no right on wrong with Reiki, it’s about what you feel you need.

Prices and Booking

Full treatment session: £35
As a 30 minute add on to another treatment: £20

Please contact me me for more information about Reiki, or to book an appointment.

What is your Reiki lineage?

All Reiki practitioners have 'a lineage', that it that they can trace back the line of their teachers to Mikao Usui, the originator of Reiki. This is mine:

Mikao Usui
Chujiro Hayashi
Hawayo Takata
Phyllis LeiFurumoto
Florence O'Neal
Jerry Farley
June Woods
Simon Treselyan
Marcus Hayward
Taggart King
Julia Reeves
Sarah Woodhouse

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