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Ear Candling - what do people use it for?

My clients have used ear candling to support them successfully with a variety of health and well-being issues, including:

  • Meniere's disease
  • A build up of ear wax
  • Reduction of sinus pressure
  • Preparation for flights where they suffer from 'Airplane Headache'

  • What happens during a treatment?

    The treatment itself is super relaxing and calming for the mind, soothing the head and ears. You just get to lay on the treatment couch while I place a hollow ear candle into the ear. This is then lit and allowed to gently burn to a set point, well away from your head, and then removed. The process is then repeated in the other ear. The belief is that the candles act as a draw, removing impurities from the ear.

    How long does a treatment last?

    Treatments usually last for no more than 30 minutes.


    A treatment is £30

    Based in Bury St Edmunds, positive long-term change and transformation is my expertise and my passion

    More of us than ever are choosing to take a more natural and holistic approach to our health and well-being. I am passionate about enabling my clients to do this, treating the whole body in order to get to the root cause of their symptoms or condition, ensuring that any change is long-term or permanent.
    Welcome to Sarah Woodhouse Therapy, where my priority is enabling you to take a proactive, holistic and natural approach to your health and well-being using Bowen Therapy, also known as the Bowen Technique, and Reflexology.

    Although different in their own ways Bowen Therapy, also known as the Bowen Technique, and Reflexology are both extremely gentle, making them suitable for anyone of any age - and for whatever stage they are at in their lives. What unites them all is their holistic approach in treating the whole body rather than just the symptoms, condition or situation.

    My clients come to me for a variety of reasons; some because they need the time out to relax and recharge, but many because they are facing conditions, symptoms or situations that they want support with, the most common of these are:

    Painful Musculoskeletal issues: neck pain, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, sciatica, back pain, knee pain, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, sports injuries and sprains
    Emotional and organic issues: stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, fatigue, chronic fatigue, asthma, IBS, asthma, hay fever, headache and migraines
    Reproductive / Fertility issues: fertility, menstrual / period pains, endometriosis, assisted conception, pregnancy, post-natal support, hormone balance
    Babies & Children: colic, constipation, teething, anxiety

    Bowen Therapy: Bowen & Fascia Bowen

    With incredibly gentle moves, Bowen is suitable for anyone of any age. Truly holistic in its approach, it works with the whole body, getting to the root cause of your situation or condition rather than just focusing on the symptoms. The light and gentle moves used kick start the body’s own innate ability to heal itself, and for many of my clients the results have been profound and quick, with most needing no more than 3 treatments to resolve even long-standing conditions.

    For more video’s and more information about Bowen Therapy, the subtle differences between Bowen and Fascia Bowen and how they might be able to support you, please click here


    By stimulating and massaging points on the feet or hands that correspond to points in the body, I work with your own body's ability to restore balance and harmony. For some the benefit of a Reflexology treatment can be as simple as relaxation, for others it can help with stress and anxiety, or specific issues like back pain or migraines. With fertility treatment on the NHS more difficult to obtain, many people are also coming for support on their conception / fertility reflexology.

    For more information about how a Reflexology treatment with me, either at my Elmswell or Bury St Edmunds clinics, might be able to help you, please click here.

    Your Pregnancy & Fertility Journey: Bowen and Reflexology

    You might wish to explore the use of Bowen Therapy or Reflexology as part of fertility journey. Many women also find Bowen and Reflexology helpful during pregnancy and in preparing them for the birth of their baby: Gawri Motha, author of “The Gentle Birth Method” recommends both as great ways to support mum-to-be in relation to back pain, nausea, pubic and pelvic pain, mastitis, and for mothers who are tense or anxious.

    To find out more about how Bowen Therapy or Reflexology might be able to support you on your pregnancy or fertility journey please click here.


    Bowen Therapy and Reflexology are suitable for babies and children, not least due to their very gentle nature, and I offer reduced prices for treatments on children aged 0-18. For more information please click here or see my Prices.

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    A Tale of Transformation: The Duracell Bunny

    Twenty years ago my then line manager referred to me as a 'Duracell Bunny' in my appraisal. The reference was in terms of my enthusiasm, energy and exuberance, but the context was in relation to me apparently annoying 'certain' people in our open space office. I was asked to try and tone it down, blend in and be more 'normal'.

    I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach. I felt embarrassed and uncomfortable and, despite him removing the Duracell Bunny reference (at MY request), those feelings have stayed with me for twenty years. Twenty years!

    So what has this got to do with transformation? Well the last few days I've been on a really difficult and challenging training course as part of my journey to become a Bowen tutor. One of the exercises we were working on unexpectedly brought me face to face with my Duracell Bunny demon. All the embarrassment and discomfort came flooding back, and I burst into tears. Rather than ignore this emotional response, my trainer made me face it - and made me own that Duracell Bunny.

    With the help of him and YouTube, I found out that the Duracell Bunny is not some annoying anthropomorphic creature, the Duracell Bunny...
    Keeps going even on the toughest of journeys
    Lasts longer, much longer [to read more click here to read more]

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