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Your fertility & conception journey

There is some fantastic work being done by Reflexologist's like Barbara Scott into how reflexology can help to support you in your fertility and conception journey. Her work and the results she is achieving are currently being assessed and collated by a leading university, and I hope it's not long before we are able to verify some of the positive benefits that reflexology can have on fertility and conception.

In the meantime, although we are seeing positive outcomes, the evidence linking improved fertility and conception with reflexology treatments can only be classed as anecdotal. But, one thing we do know is that you are far more likely to conceive if your mind, body, and soul are in harmony, and reflexology can certainly help with that element! I am more than happy to offer reflexology to those people who would like to see if reflexology can help them with fertility and conception issues on that basis.

Please contact me for a confidential chat on 07715213392, or at [email protected].

Your pregnancy and birth journey

Many pregnant women enjoy reflexology and find it beneficial! For once, this is an actual finding from A pilot randomised controlled trial exploring the effects of antenatal reflexology on labour outcomes, which was conducted by the Institute of Nursing and Health Research in Ulster.

This small pilot study also found that:

  • Reflexology is safe to use during a normal pregnancy
  • Pregnancy reflexology may reduce the duration of the second stage of labour for first time mums with low back and / or pelvic girdle pain

All of this is great news and shows that reflexology really can be beneficial during pregnancy. Many people also believe it helps the body to deal with the hormonal changes that take place during pregnancy, and can help to ease some of the discomfort that can be felt such as heart-burn, constipation and back pain.

Practising relaxation techniques are also useful, and if you wish to I can either incorporate relaxation techniques into a reflexology treatment, or can offer separate relaxation coaching sessions. Breathing, visualisations and / or guided meditations are all incredibly useful tools and techniques that can help support you throughout your pregnancy and birthing journey.

Like going to the gym, where it takes time to build up and tone muscle, it can take time for the cumulative effects of reflexology to be felt. This is why it's great to have regular reflexology treatments as this will ensure that any benefits you experience, whether physical or emotional, stay with you throughout your pregnancy.

Contact me on 07715213392 or at [email protected] for more information about how reflexology might support you through your pregnancy journey.

Reflexology and pregnancy myths

I've been approached by women keen to ask me about the two most common myths surrounding reflexology and pregnancy:

Can reflexology turn a breech or transverse baby?

Can you imagine how rich I would be if that were true? While many women have experienced their babies turning after a series of reflexology treatments, it is not that the reflexology has turned the baby. What we believe might be happening is that the reflexology may relax mum and the pelvic girdle and surrounding muscles, creating a bit more space for baby to turn (Earlam S., Reflexions No.126).

Can reflexology induce labour?

Again, I wish it was true because I would be a millionaire! All I can do as a Reflexologist is prepare you for labour by ensuring that you are relaxed and calm even if you are in physical discomfort or worrying about the birth: if you are relaxed and calm, your body is relaxed and calm - the perfect state of being to give birth to your beautiful baby.

Please download this free leaflet on Reflexology and Pregnancy and pass on to friends who are pregnant - alternatively please don't hesitate to contact me on 07715213392, or at [email protected] for more information.

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Baby and child

Babies and children can benefit enormously from reflexology. While I use traditional reflexology techniques for adults and older teenagers, in my work with babies and children I use Gentle Touch™ Reflexology. Gentle Touch™ is especially suitable for this age group as I use the lightest of touch and massage to gently stimulate the reflex points on the hands and feet. Reflexology can help baby and child:

Emotionally: A great technique to help soothe and settle baby or child, it can help them to feel more relaxed, safe and secure, and it can help to reduce distress and crying. For older children it can help with dealing with anxiety and increasing self-confidence and esteem.

Physically: It can help with common childhood conditions such as colic, constipation, teething and sleeplessness, and in the maintenance of a healthy immune system. For older children it's also great for aches and pains, tummy aches, abdominal migraines, headaches and persistent urine infections.

There are also benefits for parents and carers as some of these situations and conditions can have an impact on mood and behaviour, so parents may also see improved behaviour as the result of a happier, more contented and relaxed child.

I offer individual tailored treatments, as well as running baby and child reflexology courses where you can learn some of the key techniques for yourself, enabling you can carry out a basic treatment on your own family members. Through the course we work through 5 key techniques over 3 sessions, which will enable you to improve your connection with your child, become more aware of their emotional, physical and mental health and well-being, and be able to respond to their needs with a technique that is enjoyable to give and to receive, and can be used anywhere at any time.

Please Institute of Nursing and Health Research for more information about individual treatments for babies and children, and Reflexology and Pregnancy for more information about my baby and child reflexology courses.

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