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Therapist Support. SMCBC

Struggling with getting started on social media? Struggling for content ideas? Then look no further - I've got two great pop-up online workshops happening this Sunday:

Getting Started - Back to Basics: Sunday 9th August, 10-12
Creating Better Content: Sunday 9th August, 2-4

Spaces are limited in order to ensure that you get plenty of time to have your questions answered, and so that you can really feel confident about using social media to help grow your busines.

Contact me here for more information or to book your place.


Sarah has found her calling in life and she LOVES it! Her exuberance and joy make her a natural mentor and teacher, and as author of Growing Your Therapy Business, she knows that being a good therapist is much more than knowing ‘the moves,’ empowering her students and fellow therapists to take their skills beyond the classroom to create businesses that work for them.

With a BA (Hons) in Business Studies, a well-worn rucksack from travelling the world, and a career in charity, government, and education, Sarah runs two successful clinics in Suffolk and is a tutor for the College of Bowen Studies. She is also a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and the Association of Reflexologists.

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Growing Your Therapy Business aims to provide you with tips, advice, and guidance on how to take the love and passion for what you do and create a business that can flourish and grow on your terms, able to withstand the challenges that you will face along the way; challenges that remain the same as they always have, despite, not because of, Covid-19.

Creating a resilient and robust structure is all about getting the basics right; understanding the point of your business and what success means to you, having the courage to be the therapist that you want to be, and being able to talk confidently about what you do. Taking these as our starting point, we will then look at important influences on your business and the key steps and decisions you need to make, before going on to explore how to can create and build a strong client base using a variety of marketing tools, including social media.

"I really couldn’t put the book down once I’d started it. "(Kerry M)

Although written with students and first-time therapists in mind, the book is also for those who are struggling to find their way, experienced therapists who want to take a fresh look at their business, or those who have decided to return to practising their therapy after a break.

Growing Your Therapy Business is available to download from Amazon for £4.99 by clicking here.

"Well written, easy to understand with plenty of really useful links to take you to webpages relevant to each chapter subject. Really good information for experienced therapists but a fantastic book for any therapist just setting up in business. I've been a therapist for twenty years and still found loads to both help and inspire me."(Jackie B)

GROWING YOUR THERAPY BUSINESS – one day online course

Sarah is bringing her book to life with a one day online Zoom course on ‘Growing Your Business: Back to Basics’. With a chance to work through the issues and topics that are important to you in growing your business, with practical exercises, tips, guidance, and a chance to ask advice, this is a must-do CPD course for any student or therapist.

In order to ensure that everyone gets the most out of the course numbers will be limited to 6, so express your interest here in order to be the first to hear about the dates, which are expected to be announced soon!


We are all aware about how important it is to invest in our businesses, but very often we take it for granted that this investment must either be in equipment or in a training course that gives us a new skill that we can monetise. Far from it! The number one investment priority in any business is you, so if you are feeling lost, unsure, struggling, or you aren’t sure about how to get your business to where you want to it to be, you may well benefit from some mentoring - some one-to-one business support.

Do you know someone who could benefit from some mentoring or tailored business support? Maybe that someone is you?

What can mentoring help me with?

Mentoring is there to help support you with whatever your needs are. It could be that you want some tailored business support around marketing tools like social media or the legal requirements you need to consider when becoming a therapist like health and safety legislation or GDPR. It may be that you really want to explore the point of your business, what success means to you, how to write and talk confidently about what you do or learning how having the courage to believe in yourself and be yourself. It could be anything in between or so much more. That’s why the first thing we do is talk.

The first step: Let’s just talk

I want to know about your life, your world, and your hopes and dreams when it comes to your therapy business which is why, as a mentor, I never send you questionnaires or personality profiles. Our first conversation is always that – a conversation. No payment, no commitment, a conversation.

The second step: Working together

Once we know we can work together, that I am the person that can support you and that you have the commitment to work with that support, that’s when we talk about how. Then, exactly as we do as therapists with our own client’s, together we work out a schedule of support that is tailored to you – your needs, your timescale.

It may be that one focussed session is all you need, it may be that you want 3 or 4, it may be that you want more. We will only know that by talking.

The third step: Investing in you

Mentoring is about investing in you and your business. Whether you are a student, newly qualified therapist, someone who is returning to practice, or you are an experienced therapist who has lost their way or wants to take a fresh look at their business, mentoring is an investment in yourself and your business.

What next?

That bit is easy. Call me or drop me a line to arrange a free chat. After that it’s up to you.

Your mentoring investment

There is no one-size fits all package when it comes to mentoring, which is why I offer a flexible approach. It may be that after our initial conversation we feel that you just need one mentoring session to help you focus in on a particular issue, you may feel you want commit to three sessions, or it may be that you just need to know that there is someone there to offer you support when you need it. The truth is, we won’t know that until we talk.

After we’ve talked, if we both feel that we can work together than it’s up to you how much you want to invest. My fees are as follows:

FREE - Initial conversation either on Zoom or by phone (30-60 minutes)
ONE SESSION – 60-minute conversation either on Zoom or by phone £55
THREE SESSIONS - £150 (and £50 per session thereafter)

I believe in positive rewards that mentoring and one to one support can bring to you – both financially and personally – and it’s a process that I have also committed to in my business life.

Remember, our first conversation is just that – a conversation. No commitment, no payment, just a chance to talk through what you need and to discover whether or not mentoring will give you that. I look forward to talking to you!


We are currently in the process of revising our course dates in line with government guidelines. Keep up to date with announcements from the College of Bowen Studies by registering for our newsletter via the CBS website.

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